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発売日 2006-07-21  希望価格 販売価格
2018-11-14 の情報

   スラッシュ・メタルの決定盤のひとつと言えそうな本作『Master of Puppets』は、間違いなくメタリカの最高傑作だ。また、ベーシストのクリフ・バートンが参加した最後のアルバムでもある。権力とその乱用をテーマとした、複雑で知的な楽曲群が、時速160キロ以上はありそうなスピードで演奏されている。だが、すぐに曲が終わってしまうわけではない。全8曲の総タイムは1時間を越えるのだ。この事実によって、一瞬たりとも退屈させないアルバムという印象はかえって強くなることだろう。

   前述のテーマにさまざまなアプローチで挑戦するメタリカは、音楽性だけでなく歌詞でも洞察力に満ちたところを見せている。「Welcome Home (Sanitarium)」は施設に収容された男の視点から、「Disposable Heroes」は兵士の立場から語られる。もし最近のラジオから流れるメタリカしかご存知ないなら、ぜひ本作を聴いていただきたい。びっくりするほどハマってしまうはずだ。(Genevieve Williams,

2 位
Metallica [12 inch Analog]

Metallica [12 inch Analog](アーティスト Metallica )

発売日 1991-01-01  希望価格 販売価格
2018-11-14 の情報

METALLICA Metallica (1991 UK first issue 12-track double vinyl LP with tracklisting/Vertigo swirl labels including Enter Sandman Sad But True The Unforgiven Wherever I May Roam and Nothing Else Matters song hype-stickered glossy picture sleeve with lyric/picture inners. The sleeve and inners have some noticeable storage wear mostly on the edges and some minor creases; the vinyl shows signs of having been played with some spindle wear on the labels and a few light surface scuffs. Overall a very good copy at an advantageous price)

3 位

ベスト・オブ・モーターヘッド(アーティスト モーターヘッド )

発売日 2008-06-24  希望価格 販売価格
2018-11-14 の情報


4 位
Kill Em All

Kill Em All(アーティスト Metallica )

発売日 1995-06-20  希望価格 販売価格
2018-11-14 の情報

METALLICA Kill Em All (Rare original 1988 US first issue 12-track CD the debut album from the American thrash metal band featuring the bonus Garage Days recordings Am I Evil? & Blitzkreig comes with a lyric booklet picture sleeve. This version of the album was only issued in America Canada and Japan all other countries only had the standard ten songs)

5 位
Ride the Lightning

Ride the Lightning(アーティスト Metallica )

発売日 1989-01-11  希望価格 販売価格
2018-11-14 の情報

Don't let that classical-guitar-ish opening to "Fight Fire with Fire" fool you--Ride the Lightning packs a heavy-metal wallop. While not as ambitious as the subsequent Master of Puppets, this early Metallica album is indubitably one of their best. Thematically, it explores death and dying from myriad points of view: nuclear war ("Fight Fire with Fire"), electric-chair execution (the title track), and drowning ("Trapped Under Ice"). Interestingly, the best track on this album is probably "Fade to Black," a slower, more introspective song about suicide. There's also "Creeping Death," which remains a concert favorite. An excellent mix of rapid-fire guitar riffs, rip-roaring solos, and singer James Hetfield's trademark growl, this is thrash metal at its finest. Very highly recommended. --Genevieve Williams

6 位

レイン・イン・ブラッド(アーティスト スレイヤー )

発売日 2002-06-04  希望価格 販売価格
2018-11-14 の情報


7 位
Cowboys From Hell

Cowboys From Hell(アーティスト Pantera )

発売日 1990-07-24  希望価格 販売価格¥ 1,040
2018-11-14 の情報

PANTERA Cowboys From Hell (1990 UK 12-track CD album including the singles Cowboys From Hell Cemetary Gates and Psycho Holiday comes with the picture / lyric booklet)

8 位
Manic Impressions

Manic Impressions(アーティスト Anacrusis )

発売日 1991-05-28  希望価格 販売価格
2018-11-14 の情報


9 位
Screams and Whispers

Screams and Whispers(アーティスト Anacrusis )

発売日 1999-11-23  希望価格 販売価格
2018-11-14 の情報


10 位

俗悪(アーティスト パンテラ )

発売日 1997-12-14  希望価格 販売価格
2018-11-14 の情報


11 位
Arise -Remast-

Arise -Remast-(アーティスト Sepultura )

発売日 1998-01-27  希望価格 販売価格¥ 996
2018-11-14 の情報

In their previous seven years' existence Sepultura had steadily established themselves as Brazil's premier metal outfit, but it wasn't until 1991's breakthrough album Arise that they truly captured the hearts and minds of the international rock mainstream. Subsequently re-released with the addition of four bonus tracks--including the band's monumental annihilation of Motorhead's "Orgasmatron"--Arise highlights Sepultura's irrefutable stylistic kinship to Metallica. The harmonic interplay between Max Cavalera's rock-solid rhythm work and Andreas Kisser's lead lines--on occasions the six stringed equivalent of a fully-throttled dentist's drill--is devastating. Max's tortured vocal, meanwhile, absolutely refuses to take prisoners while brother Igor's rhythmic battery is sheer, unfettered aggression. Moments of restraint, as on the quite astonishing "Altered State", merely accentuate the band's trademark brutality. Even with historical perspective, Arise retains its original ignominious appeal; an essential purchase. --Ian Fortnam

12 位
And Justice For All

And Justice For All(アーティスト Metallica )

発売日 2006-07-21  希望価格 販売価格¥ 1,970
2018-11-14 の情報

This record has so much good material that it's a shame the production is so shoddy. Song-wise, this is probably Metallica's most sophisticated album, exploring the theme of justice and perversions thereof with a vengeance. "One" is one of their best songs ever, building from a slow, edgy beginning into effortless overdrive. The title track is excellent and never boring, despite clocking in at more than nine minutes. It's the epic of the album, but all of the songs are long, displaying impressive chops and songwriting. Metallica took a commercial turn after ...And Justice for All, and it's interesting to speculate on what would have happened to their music had they continued in the direction suggested by this album. --Genevieve Williams

13 位
Seasons in the Abyss

Seasons in the Abyss(アーティスト Slayer )

発売日 2006-08-11  希望価格 販売価格
2018-11-14 の情報


14 位
Far Beyond Driven

Far Beyond Driven(アーティスト Pantera )

発売日 1994-03-22  希望価格 販売価格¥ 1,009
2018-11-14 の情報

For Pantera, rage flows like water from a tap. Far Beyond Driven vents the band's animosity in a maelstrom of hateful harangues fuelled by thunderous drumbeats, piercing guitar noise, and raw-throated vocals. --Jon Wiederhorn

15 位
Diabolus in Musica

Diabolus in Musica(アーティスト Slayer )

発売日 2002-03-12  希望価格 販売価格¥ 935
2018-11-14 の情報

If, as some suspect, Beelzebub has a soft spot for hard metal, he'll be delighted with Slayer's raucous return to form on the group's eighth album. With producer Rick Rubin (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Johnny Cash, Run-DMC) back at the helm, the thrash-metal pioneers have trimmed the excess flab that weighed them down in the early '90s. Back in evidence is the clinical speed, power, and aggression that once made them metal's most revered extremists. But while their trademark breakneck riffing remains, Slayer reaches beyond the old routines to pack a greater punch. "Love to Hate" harbors a fat hip-hop groove, "In the Name of God" toys malevolently with grunge-rock flavors, and "Point" concludes the 11-song set at just under 110 miles per hour. Diabolus in Musica is an emphatic resurrection--and then some. --Steffan Chirazi

16 位
Time of the Oath

Time of the Oath(アーティスト Helloween )

発売日 1996-03-10  希望価格 販売価格
2018-11-14 の情報

RCA 263894109 FC; RCA - Italia;

17 位
South Of Heaven

South Of Heaven(アーティスト Slayer スレイヤー )

発売日 1988-07-11  希望価格 販売価格
2018-11-14 の情報

個人使用です。帯あり/ケース新品交換、盤面は良好(クリーニング済)な状態です。 受注後24時間以内の出荷手続き完了を心掛けております。

18 位
守護神伝 第2章

守護神伝 第2章(アーティスト ハロウィン )

発売日 1999-09-08  希望価格¥ 2,052 販売価格¥ 2,052
2018-11-14 の情報


19 位
The Sound of Perseverance

The Sound of Perseverance(アーティスト Death )

発売日 1998-09-15  希望価格 販売価格
2018-11-14 の情報

DEATH The Sound of Perseverance (1998 German 9-track CD the seventh and final studio album by the American death metal band their only album to feature guitarist Shannon Hamm drummer Richard Christy and bassist Scott Clendenin; lyric booklet picture sleeve)

20 位


発売日 1990-07-06  希望価格 販売価格¥ 1,159
2018-11-14 の情報

If Metallica and Slayer invented speed metal, Anthrax brought it to the East Coast and imbued it with the attitude and excitement of New York hardcore. Among The Living is their finest hour--a roaring, adrenaline-pumped collection of flailing beats, precise, razor-edged riffs and shout-along refrains. Unlike most full-throttle metal vocalists of the era, Joey Belladonna chose to sing as well as shout, giving songs such as "Among The Living", "Indians" and "Efilnikcufecin" ("nice fuckin' life" spelled backwards) a decided melodic edge. Yet Scott Ian and Dan Spitz's buzz saw guitar flurries, and Charlie Benante's insistent drumming, prevented the songs from ever degenerating into the run-of-the-mill heavy metal they so despised. --Jon Wiederhorn